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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Giraffe shoes comfortable?
Our product is the result of intensive design study, which we have established and is maintained by our continuous search for improvements, however minor. Our shoes provide the comfort and room needed for your feet as well as good air circulation within. Our shoes insole does not only add height but it also helps to absorb impact and cushion your feet. Certain people will enjoy wearing our shoes right from the beginning, however, there are other people who needed some time to get used to wearing height increasing shoes. How comfortable is our height increasing shoes depends very much on the acceptance level of different individuals.
What are the benefits of wearing Giraffe shoes?
Our internal shoe structures help to improve posture by providing the necessary support. By walking tall with your shoulders square and your head up, your overall posture will be improved, enables you to maintain a healthy mind and body. GIRAFFE provides a wide range of height increasing shoes which combine unique functionality with cutting edge fashion and design to make you look and feel great.
Can I change the height level of a particular GIRAFFE shoe model?
We are only able to increase (not decrease) the height level of our shoes with the addition of another height increasing insole in which is to be purchased separately. In order to maintain the longevity and durability of our shoes, it is not advisable to remove the already fixed insole as the process might cause unnecessary damages to the shoes. As we have a wide range of shoe designs with different heights, we believe you will have no issue looking for the right pair with the right height.
Will I gain the exact additional height as indicated in the description of each shoe model?
Due to the difference in "applied force" onto the height increasing insole that caused by different individual's weight, not everyone is able to gain the exact additional height as indicated in the description of each shoe model. Some people will gain the exact additional height while others will achieve an additional height of between 1cm to 3cm lesser from the indicated height.
Will anyone know that I am wearing height increasing shoes?
You can look taller without anyone else knowing your "secret". The height increasing insole of our shoes is hidden, not apparent as the external shoe structure of our GIRAFFE shoes look no different from any other normal shoes, be it sandals, boots and all other range of footwear.
I am looking for a pair of wedding shoes. Are there any designs that can pair with tuxedos?
Yes, we do have a few models of patent leather tuxedo shoes suitable for weddings or to be worn at any other formal occasions.
Do I need to make alterations to the length of my pants?
In most cases, there is no need to alter your pants although wearing slightly longer trousers with well-balanced hemmed cuffs help to optimize the invisible effect.
When will my order be shipped out?
Order placed by 1.00pm (MYT) will be shipped out within the same business day. Order placed after 1.00pm (MYT) and/or during the weekend will be shipped out on the following business day. Please allow one extra business day allowance for shipping due to certain unforeseen circumstances that might arise at times.
Can I purchase your shoes from a store?
Certainly. You are welcome to visit our store at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to purchase your pair of GIRAFFE Shoes. Please refer to the store address at our "Contact Us" page.
What is your return policy?
We do not accept Return for any payment refund. We only accept Return for a "One-Time Exchange" of any items (subject to availability) in our store. You may return your pair of GIRAFFE Shoes which must be in its original unworn condition along with the original shoe box and related accessories to us for a "One-Time Exchange" within 30 days from the date of your purchase. Please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" under our Return Policy for more details.
Do I need to fill out a Return for Exchange Authorization Form?
No. You are required to email your request to us at return@giraffe-shoes.com. Please include in the email your Order/Transaction Number, the shoes model that you had purchased, the new shoes model or the new size that you want to exchange as well as the reason for the exchange. You shall receive a reply from our Customer Service Team within 72 hours from your email sent. Please refer to the "Return for Exchange Procedures" under our Return Policy for more details.
Can I exchange my purchase at a GIRAFFE outlet?
Yes. However, please be reminded that item for exchange is subject to model and size availabilities at the time of request.
Why is the Return for Exchange policy not applicable to overseas purchases?
Our Return for "One-Time Exchange" policy is not applicable to overseas purchases due to the high air freight cost incurred by express courier agent as well as the long period required for normal postage. Overseas customers can still request for an exchange if they are willing to bear all the delivery cost incurred, to-and-fro from their origin country to Malaysia. All Return request can be directed to returns@giraffe-shoes.com. All other T&Cs of our Return Policy apply.
Is there any warranty on GIRAFFE Shoes?
GIRAFFE provides a 1 year Warranty on Detached Outsoles ONLY. This Warranty strictly applies to detached outsole due to manufacturing defect only. No warranty against damage of shoes from normal wear and tear, water damage and/or tears or rips in the shoe not related to manufacturing defect. The shoe with detached outsole must be sent to our GIRAFFE outlet for repair. GIRAFFE Malaysia has the right to assess the condition of the shoe in questioned prior to confirming the entitlement of the warranty. In the event of any dispute, the decision of GIRAFFE Malaysia shall be final and conclusive.