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GIRAFFE Height Increasing Shoes

Men's height provides a clear indication of mate quality and health. Many research has demonstrated that men's height is associated with established indicators of genetic quality such as fluctuating asymmetry and self-reported physical health. Height also indicate a man's status relative to other men, as most time, tall men are perceived as more dominant and assertive than shorter men. Male stature may also signal the possession of desirable non-physical qualities as in socioeconomic status and access to resources.

Stature is also an important element of male attractiveness and women are most attracted to tall men. Many women believes height can be a cue to a man's ability to provide protection and resources or a cue to heritable fitness, thus, height is indeed important to women when it comes to mate selection. In all, a man's height no doubt contributes a lot to a man's confidence, status and attractiveness.

Since not all men are lucky to be borned with their individual desirable heights, the demand for elevator shoes arises. Many believes that elevator shoes are only meant for shorter men but to be more precise, it is created not only for short men but for all men who desires to be taller than their existing height. With this, GIRAFFE brand of Elevator Shoes was debuted to caters such demand in the Malaysia market.

GIRAFFE does not compromise on quality. With a conscientious R&D team, rigid product testing is conducted regularly to ensure our products durability. Quality control is ensured at its best all the time. With the choice of refined materials and meticulous craftsmanship, GIRAFFE Height Increasing Shoes are of outstanding quality in terms of durability as well as aesthetics.

GIRAFFE envisage being the flag bearer to spearhead the growth of Elevator Shoes distribution business of both the local and international market. Having been in the local market for many years, GIRAFFE has started to move on to position itself in other countries.

If height is your concern, GIRAFFE is your answer. GIRAFFE welcomes you to the world of GREATER HEIGHTS.